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Alumnus of the Month

21 July 2022

Imran Choudhury is our Westminster City School Alumnus of the Month. Imran left Westminster City School in 2005 after completing his A Levels and now works as a Police Officer.

Please tell us a little about yourself – where do you work and how did you get to this role?

I started my journey at Westminster City School in 1998 and left in 2005 having completed my GCSEs and then later my A Levels at the Sixth Form. I then went on to study Travel and Tourism at University and whilst I was studying in my final year I decided to become a Metropolitan Special Constable (volunteer police officer) and that is when I knew I wanted to make this my career. Towards the end of my third year I was offered a graduate placement with a major airline which I declined as my passion remained in policing and I applied for an officer role at the Metropolitan Police. When I got the job offer which was only a few months after I had graduated, I was elated and 14 years on, I am still doing the job I have always wanted to do.

What are some of your proudest achievements since leaving Westminster City School?

I can proudly say I have achieved a lot in my career since I left Westminster City School by specialising in different fields of policing, managing the Metropolitan Police Central Community Engagement Team and now I oversee six London boroughs managing the intake of new Police recruits from underrepresented communities.

But, my finest and proudest achievements is being a husband and father to two daughters.

What advice would you give someone looking to follow a similar career path?

Be inquisitive! If you want to join the Police service we now have various pathways that will cater for a much broader range of recruits. We offer a Police ride along on all London boroughs alongside open days which will provide insight into the roles.

I would ask you be sure that it is the career for you as it can be demanding both physically and psychologically, but for me it is the best job in the world.

If anyone is interested I am happy to be a mentor as I have experienced many roles and challenges in my 14 years of service.

How have your experiences at Westminster City School contributed to your life and successes since leaving school?

I was one of the highest year 9 SATS achievers and also throughout my school years I achieved the most merits and received the Westminster City School’s pin badge multiple times, this instilled in me resilience, aspiration and courage which I now carry throughout life.

Can you describe one of your fondest memories from your time at Westminster City School?

I have two distinctly fond memories which I recall with my family even to this day.

The first experience was in Year 9 where I was lucky enough to participate in a student exchange programme with a school in Tokyo, Japan! As a young student I was just excited to travel across the globe with fellow students and experience two weeks traveling through Japan.

My second experience was the Year 12 Geography trip to New York which again was just incredible and sometimes when I feel nostalgic I look back at the photos I still have of that trip. 

What’s next?

I have set myself a goal, to be a Senior Police Officer within the next five years which will serve my professional aspirations of senior representation in the Police as well as personal aspirations of being a positive role model to my children.

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