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Language support

Westminster City School's EAL Department caters for our young people who are learning English as an additional language.

At our School, we ensure equal access to the national curriculum for all our students. We aim to strengthen our students’ speaking, reading and writing levels, to ease the integration of new arrivals into a new educational environment, and build the self-confidence and self-esteem of our young people.

Our EAL resource centre is home to many of our young people during break, lunchtime and after school. Our calm environment and strategic location within our School enables students to carry out a number of activities simultaneously, without disturbing each other. Whether you want to play a board game, listen to an audio book, watch a movie in your home language with English subtitles or simply borrow a reading book/DVD, our EAL resource centre is a goldmine of bespoke interactive activities to suit your learning needs whilst having fun and making friends.

Additionally, students meet to receive personalised one-to-one tuition in English, mathematics, science and different subjects across the curriculum.

We provide:

  • Multilingual in-class support for students
  • Induction into the British education system
  • EAL withdrawal lessons (intensive and fun at the same time!)
  • Reading and writing support
  • Homework and coursework support
  • Language support
  • Joint planning of lessons with teachers
  • Translation services
  • Dictionaries and extra time during exams
  • First language assessment and examinations
  • EAL training and consultation for all staff
  • Liaison between home and school
  • Mentoring for ethnic minority achievement (Mosaic Network, MyGeneration)
  • Educational trips

At Westminster City School, we celebrate diversity through languages. Many of our young people speak a second language at home and we encourage them to take exams in those languages.

Home languages available at GCSE:

Biblical Hebrew; Classical Greek; Dutch; Gujarati; Latin; Persian; Portuguese; Turkish; French; German; Spanish; Bengali; Italian; Panjabi; Urdu; Modern Hebrew; Polish; Arabic; Chinese; Italian; Japanese; Modern Greek; Russian; Afrikaans – First Language; Afrikaans – Second Language; Arabic - First Language; Arabic – Foreign Language; Bangladesh Studies; Chinese (Mandarin) – Foreign Language; Chinese – First Language.

International General Certificate of Secondary Education:

Czech – First Language; Dutch – First Language; Dutch – Foreign Language; English – First Language; English – Literature; English - Second Language; Hindi as a Second Language; Indonesian – Foreign Language; IsiZulu as a Second Language; Japanese – First Language; Japanese – Foreign Language; Korean (First Language); Latin; Malay – Foreign Language; Pakistan Studies; Russian – First Language; Thai – First Language.

Home languages available at A Level:

Arabic; Bangladesh Studies; Bengali; Burmese; English Language; French; German; Gujarati; Hindi; Islamiyat; Nepali; Pakistan Studies; Panjabi; Setswana; Sinhala; Tamil; Thai; Urdu, Urdu – First Language, Urdu – Second Language – Pakistan only.





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