Head of Sixth Form with students

Staff list

Leadership team


Mr P Broughton

Deputy Headteacher

Ms J Lockyer

Deputy Headteacher

Mr S Brown

Assistant Headteacher/Head of Sixth Form

Ms K Dennis

Assistant Headteacher

Ms S Mole

Assistant Headteacher

Mr C Rees

Seconded Associate Assistant Headteacher 

Dr S Bowen

Associate Assistant Headteacher (Maternity Cover)

Mr O Taufik

School Business Manager

Mr D Everett


Teaching staff

Faculty Leader, Art

Ms E Chance

Faculty Leader, Business and Enterprise

Mr O Taufik

Subject Leader, Business Studies

Ms P Adams

Subject Leader, Computer Science

Mr A Phillips

Computer Science teacher

Mr L Myron

Subject Leader, DT

Mr P O'Neill 

DT technician

Mr A Kneller

Subject Leader, English

Ms G Armatage

Senior Lead Practitioner, English

Mr A Sarychkin

Deputy Subject Leader, English

Mr C McManus

Assistant Subject Leader, English

Mr C Douglas

English teacher

Mr E Myge

English teacher

Ms A Affram

English teacher

Ms H Virk

Subject Leader, Geography

Ms K Baulcomb

Geography teacher

Ms C Milner

Government and Politics teacher

Mr P De Silva

Subject Leader, History

Ms M Slater

History teacher

Ms K Dennis

Subject Leader, Maths

Ms K Powell

Lead Practitioner, Maths

Mr K Okyere

Deputy Subject Leader, Maths

Ms M Macharia

Assistant Subject Leader, Maths

Ms Y Sobogun

Assistant Subject Leader Maths

Ms N Umeokoli

Maths teacher

Mr G Bossman

Maths teacher

Mr T Gebramarium

Maths teacher

Ms N Umeokoli

Maths teacher

Miss K World

Subject Leader, Modern Foreign Languages

Ms M Andrade

Modern Foreign Languages teacher (Spanish)

Ms R McConville

Subject Leader, Music

Mr D Cecile

Music teacher

Mr L Valles

Director of Sport

Mr A Huxley

Lead Teacher of Sports Performance

Mr J Potten

PE teacher

Mr B Asante

PE teacher

Mr J Bradley

PE teacher

Mr C Leckey

Religious Studies teacher

Mr J Tilsley

Subject Leader, Science

Mr J Link

Senior Lead Practitioner

Dr S Bowen

Senior Lead Practitioner

Ms S O'Rouke

Deputy Subject Leader, Science

Miss R Davies

Assistant Subject Leader, Science

Ms A Scott

Science teacher

Mrs A Adebanjo

Science teacher

Ms N Chaudhry

Science teacher

Dr C Fortes Rigos

Science teacher

Mr D Gachette

Senior Science technician

Mr P Roberts

Science technician

Mr W Prist

Subject Leader, Social Sciences

Ms N Mohamed 

Social Sciences teacher

Ms N Mohamed

Teacher of EAL/PSHCE

Ms S Hutton

Pastoral leaders

Assistant Head of Sixth Form (Year 13)

Ms Y Sobogun

Assistant Head of Sixth Form (Year 12)

Mr P de Silva

Head of Year 11

Mr A Phillips

Head of Year 10

Ms H Virk

Head of Years 9

Mr J Weare

Head of Year 8

Mr J Potten

Head of Year 7 

Ms R McConville

Support staff (SENCO)

SENCO Manager

Ms C McDonald

Learning Support Assistant

Ms A Adan

Speech and Language Therapist

Ms B Soderholm

Support staff

Assistant Premises Manager

Mr P Gordon 

Attendance Officer and Receptionist

Ms C Dash

Communications, Marketing and Media Manager

Mrs K Lockhart

Cover Administrator

Mr D Gachette

Data Manager 

Ms K Lidington

Exams Officer Mr C Mbakoup

Finance Manager

Ms S Coleman

Finance Assistant

Ms A Ponan

Headteacher's PA and HR Officer

Mrs L Ellens

Inclusion Manager

Ms P Odje

Inclusion/Student Support Officer

Ms S Wadhwani

Administrative Officer for Leadership Group

Ms L Young

LRC Manager (Librarian)

Mr C Chapman

Office Manager and Admissions Officer


Premises Manager

Mr O Harman-Jones

Premises Officer

Mr R Hughes

Pupil Support Officer (Years 10 and 11)

Mr B Asante

Pupil Support Officer (Year 8 and 9)

Mr J Bradley

Pupil Support Officer (Year 7)

Mr D Champagnie-Pope


Ms A Griffith

Safeguarding Lead

Miss K World

School Business Manager

Mr D Everett

School Chaplain

Rev S Taylor

School Counsellor

Ms E Radford-Elkhuzundar

Senior Receptionist and Lettings Manager

Mrs V Blades

Senior Receptionist

Mrs D Valiquette

Sixth Form Learning Mentor

Mr A Caprioli

Tech Services Manager

Mr J Mason (Wed only)

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