School meals

Our School dining hall offers a range of healthy food offerings.


Our Dining Hall is cashless; everyone uses Parent Pay to top up their meal account. Money added can be used to obtain food at these times:

  • Pre-school breakfast
  • Breaktime refreshments and healthy snacks
  • Midday meal. 

Free School Meals may only be taken at lunch time and comprise a main course and drink or a main course and pudding.

The prices of a School dinner is £2.35, which offers amazing value whilst ensuring pupils are able to enjoy a hot nutritious meal every day.


Free School Meals

Many of our pupils and students are eligible to receive a free school meal. However, there may be others who are currently not receiving what they are entitled to, for a variety of reasons. If you think you may be eligible for a free school meal, then please complete the Free School Meal Form and hand it into our School Office. The local authority are currently processing applications within approximately one week.


Free School Meals Application


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