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Academic excellence

We are very proud of our sixth formers’ academic success. A Level Results Day 2020 saw three of our students gain places at Oxford or Cambridge and a third of our cohort progress to top Russell Group universities. 

Our teachers are subject-specialists who are passionate about what they teach. They expertly craft lessons to develop your interests and class sizes remain small. You will have a number of private study sessions, where you direct your own learning, which is a good preparation for future study at university. Our excellent Sixth Form Student Support Officer is also available to help you learn how to study independently more effectively.

Outside of the classroom, we take advantage of our central London location to help you go further with your A Level subjects, making the most of nearby lectures, seminars, museums, theatres, galleries and more, undertaking trips of historical, geographical, literary, religious or scientific interest.

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Studying for your A Levels at Westminster City School

Our A Levels are challenging, exciting and rewarding. All can lead to fantastic university courses and amazing future careers.

As a sixth former, you have reached an exciting crossroads in your academic career where, for the first time, you will enjoy the opportunity to fully dictate the subjects you want to study. You will choose three A Levels to study within our Sixth Form,a s that gies you access to the maximum teaching time available.

You will notice a significant change from your experience at GCSE, as you focus on a smaller number of subjects in greater depth. These subjects will continue to be demanding and will require dedication, determination and commitment.

You will also enjoy a new relationship with your teachers; our Sixth Form embraces a new partnership between you and your tutors, and you will be encouraged to pursue independent research, ask questions and take responsibility for your learning, in much the same way as you could expect at university.

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