Sixth Form pastoral support


Thank you for your interest in Westminster City School. I am aware that making the right choice of school will be of paramount importance to you at any stage in your career development. I hope our website and our staff prospectus (below) give you a further insight into our School.

Our pupils and students come from across London, from many different faiths, and from varied backgrounds, meaning our pupils have links to over 100 different countries. The caring transformation of all our young people into the responsible global citizens of tomorrow is at the heart of the standards that we set and this belief informs our decision-making at every stage.

I am looking for members of staff who are excellent in everything they do. They must be hardworking, with a strong sense of moral purpose, and ready to embrace employment within an inner city comprehensive. We aim to provide an ambitious education for our pupils and students, so we employ passionate and energetic teachers who inspire our young people with a love for their subject. Our support staff occupy a range of valued positions, ensuring our School continues to function and perform outstandingly well. 

At Westminster City School, our first rate support for staff, and our programme of professional development, aims to deliver on our mission statement that we strive for excellence and learning for life. 

I believe Westminster City School is a fabulous place to work. Come and see for yourself or feel free to contact me, via my PA, to discuss the opportunity further.

Mr Peter Broughton,

Pupils spoke enthusiastically about the School’s environment and how happy they feel to come into school each day. They stated that “the School community feels like a family.

Ofsted, 2022
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