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Westminster City School's successful Sixth Form prepares young men and women for further study and employment, combining academic excellence with guidance on higher education and careers.

We understand that choosing your sixth form is a major decision, so our prospectus and webpages are designed to provide you with further information, while our Vimeo channel includes videos about the A Levels we offer.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that prospective students have for us.

What A Levels are available at Westminster City School’s Sixth Form?
Our Sixth Form offers a wide range of A Level options. For more information, please visit our website, check our prospectus and watch our Vimeo channel videos

How many A Levels would I study at Westminster City School’s Sixth Form?
You would normally study three A Levels in our Sixth Form, as this gives you time to focus on succeeding in your studies and in other activities, such as extra-curricular clubs or leadership opportunities across our School.

What if I want to study an A Level that isn’t offered by Westminster City School’s Sixth Form?
After you have submitted your application, you will normally be invited for an interview. At this interview, we will talk about the A Level options that you wish to study. It may be that, if there is enough, demand we can offer a new A Level subject in our Sixth Form.

Does Westminster City School’s Sixth Form offer EPQ?
Our Sixth Form offers the EPQ or Extended Project Qualification. This allows you to research a topic of your choosing in greater depth, developing your knowledge and skills. The EPQ is highly regarded and well respected by universities.

What is the entry requirement for Westminster City School’s Sixth Form?
Our general entry requirements to join Westminster City School are five GCSEs at Grade 5 or above. Most A Level courses ask for a Grade 6 or 7 in that subject or a related subject and there may be further subject-specific requirements, so please check our website or prospectus for further details. 

How do I apply to join Westminster City School’s Sixth Form?
You will need to complete and submit our online application form before our deadline of 29 December.

What do I do if I don’t know my predicted GCSE grades yet?
Our online application form asks for your predicted GCSE grades. If you do not yet know these, please submit what you think you will achieve. When you are invited for an interview, after submitting your application, you will be asked to bring a reference from your current school that outlines your ability to study the A Levels you have chosen.

What happens after I submit my application to Westminster City School’s Sixth Form?
Your online application must be submitted by 29 December. You will normally then be invited for an interview, where you will meet with a member of our staff and talk about your application. Offers to study within our Sixth Form are made on a first come, first served basis, so an early application before our 29 December deadline is advised.

As an external student, how will I settle into life at Westminster City School’s Sixth Form?
Moving to a new school or sixth form is both exciting and daunting but we ensure a smooth transition process and, every year, have a significant intake of external students into Year 12. Our small and friendly environment ensures all students settle in and get to know each other, so you will quickly feel at home. 

What is the usual school day like in Westminster City School’s Sixth Form?
Your day begins with morning registration, so you spend time with friends in your tutor group and your form tutor, who will get to know you well in your two years within us. 

You will have a number of lessons during the day and you will notice a significant change from your experience at GCSE, as you focus on a smaller number of subjects in greater depth. Subjects will continue to be demanding and require dedication, determination and commitment, but you will also be encouraged to pursue independent research, ask questions and take responsibility for your learning.

Alongside A Level subject lessons, you will have a number of independent study periods where you will make use of our Sixth Form study area or our Sixth Form area in our library to undertake independent work. At break and lunch times, you will normally be allowed off site and there are many cafes nearby, thanks to our central London location.

How big are classes in Westminster City School’s Sixth Form?
We keep class sizes fairly small and, as a London sixth form that is smaller than many, staff and students quickly get to know each other.

What extra-curricular clubs and activities are offered by Westminster City School’s Sixth Form?
Our Sixth Form offers a range of clubs and activities that enable you to build new skills and experiences, make friends, and have fun. These include our Cadet Force, Model United Nations, Debating Society and numerous musical ensembles.

What trips might I go on at Westminster City School’s Sixth Form?
Our unique location in the heart of London means we make the most of the nearby lectures, seminars, museums, theatres, galleries, universities, businesses and more to enhance your studies and experience within our Sixth Form.

Our sixth formers also attend conferences, lectures and events at universities outside of London and, last January, a number of our students explored subjects related to their A Levels in the social sciences in Vienna, Austria. 

What is the dress code for Westminster City School’s Sixth Form?
Our sixth formers are expected to wear smart office attire, which prepares you for future employment whilst ensuring you are an excellent role model to our younger pupils.

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