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Statement of British values

At Westminster City School, we help our young people grow into caring, responsible and tolerant adults, who can make a positive difference to British society and to the wider world.

All British schools are required to promote the fundamental British values of: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. These are values that have come to be accepted throughout the democratic world, helping to create a safe and supportive society.

At Westminster City School, we actively promote British values in the following ways:


We encourage students to debate topics of interest and to make a meaningful contribution to our School. Our sixth formers, for example, take on leadership roles and responsibilities, while all pupils and students are regularly consulted (both formally and informally) on how our School may be improved. During national elections, we hold our own mock elections, helping our young people go beyond the classroom to learn more about the British electoral system.

Rule of law

Our School’s sanctions and behaviour policy are well established and shared, while our rewards system creates a positive ethos. As well as rewarding 100 percent attendance and punctuality, we reward work of high quality, work that improves on past achievements, and consistent hard work and service to our local community. Assemblies celebrate achievements, as does our weekly parental bulletin where those achieving a significant number of merits and distinctions are acknowledged. Our annual Celebration of Achievement Evening at Westminster Abbey is an excellent event where achievements are also feted.

In addition, our PSHCE curriculum in Year 7 develops an understanding of where the role of law comes from, as well as the positives and negatives of democracy, and the rights and responsibilities that we have as a community.

Individual liberty

Our safe and supportive environment helps students develop self-knowledge, self-confidence and a growth mind set in all areas of school life, including beyond the classroom through participation in our many extra-curricular clubs and activities. Independent learning is encouraged and we offer frequent opportunities for our young people to grow in maturity and independence, particularly as they move towards our Sixth Form.

Mutual respect

Our clear anti-bullying policies emphasise the importance of creating an environment in which all individuals feel safe and valued, while our staff code of conduct ensures staff behave towards each other in an exemplary way, setting a good example. In addition, the language used between staff and students is, at all times, considered vital in showing respect to others.

Alongside this, our PSHCE programme in Year 7 enhances our School approach with a unit on healthy friendships, including anti-bullying sessions. Our students revisit this theme in our PSHCE drop down days each year, where guest speakers and organisations (such as Diversity Role Models) deliver sessions that promote equality, diversity and respect.

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Our students and staff have links to over 100 different nationalities, so we help our young people develop an understanding of, and respect for, their own and other cultures. For example, through our PSHCE and our Religious Studies curriculum, our young people are encouraged to discuss and respect the differences and similarities between people. To further enhance this, organisations like Prevent and Caabu (Council for British and Arab Understanding) deliver sessions at our School as part of our PSHCE curriculum.

In addition, all at Westminster City School are encouraged to challenge any prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour.

We believe our School ethos and vision, and our curriculum, reflects and promotes British values. With our multi-cultural student and staff body, we ensure the education provided at Westminster City School helps develop our young people into good local, national and global citizens of the future.

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