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Our inspirational alumni continue to make a difference across the globe.

With such a long history of educating young people in London, it comes as no surprise that former Westminster City School students have gone on to enjoy success in their careers.

We love hearing what our alumni have been doing since leaving Westminster City School. Each month, we are inviting a member of our alumni community to share their story of life since Palace Street.

Click here  to read about this month’s alumnus or click to here to read all our alumni profiles. And please get in touch if you would like to nominate yourself or a friend for this feature. 

Notable alumni

Below are a selection of some of our higher profile alumni: 

  • John Boyega, (born 17 March 1992), a British-Nigerian actor, known for his role in the recent Star Wars films.
  • Wes Streeting, (born 21 January 1983), a Cambridge graduate and MP for Ilford North, Shadow Health Secretary since 2021.
  • Gary Alexander, (born 15 August 1979, in Lambeth), an English footballer who scored one of Wembley's best ever goals.
  • Terry Marsh, (born 7 February 1958, in Stepney), a former professional boxer who was an undefeated world champion.
  • Sir Martin Broughton, (born 15 April 1947), a British businessman who was chairman of British Airways and Liverpool FC.
  • Andy Mackay, (born 23 July 1946), a musician, best known as a founding member of the art-rock group, Roxy Music.
  • Andy Hamilton, (born 28 May 1954), a British comedian, game show panellist, television director, comedy screenwriter, and radio dramatist.
  • Christopher Warren-Green, (born 30 July 1955, Gloucestershire), a British violinist and conductor.
  • John Auguste Pouchot, (known as Jack), the youngest man to be decorated with the Distinguished Conduct Medal in battle during the First World War.
  • Percy Edgar Lambert, (1881 – 31 October 1913), the first person to drive an automobile at a hundred miles in an hour.
  • Sir Cyril Hinshelwood (19 June 1897 – 9 October 1967), winner of the Nobel Prize in 1956.
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