We prepare all our young people for future employment, with a strong careers education programme that from the moment they join Westminster City School.

An overview of our careers provision can be found on this page. For more information or to support our careers programme, please contact our School's Career Co-ordinator, Mr C Rees, on telephone: 020 7963 6300 or email:

Our unique location, in the heart of London, means we have built strong links with external organisations that benefit our young people. This includes:

  • Major businesses and companies, like Deutsche Bank, Google, AT&T and PWC. This allows our young people to gain an incredible insight into how businesses operate, whilst building good professional and personal networks
  • World-leading universities, like Imperial College London and University College London. This enables our young people to attend top lectures, fascinating summer schools and inspiring placements, while building valuable knowledge about future university study
  • Top arts organisations, like VOCES8 and the English National Opera. We frequently host workshops and activities, and our pupils have successfully auditioned for different productions.

For our sixth formers, our active careers programme also includes weekly talks on employment opportunities and you can join one of our pathway programmes, if you are interested in law, medicine, policing and criminology, or finance.

Year 7

Ideal for pupils as they transition to secondary school, the Thinking Ahead programme helps our pupils explore the value of different curriculum subjects and build their understanding of the education system through various interactive workshops. 

Pupils imagine an alien has landed on Earth, where they have to explain why we go to school and why we study different subjects. 

Learning outcomes

  • Develop an awareness of the value of subjects in relation to skills and knowledge beyond school.
  • Enable pupils to understand the educational process and the choices they have.
  • Be able to articulate and provide evidence of the key skills learned through school subjects.

Year 8

Our Self-awareness programme introduces pupils to the concept of job families. Pupils imagine they have been stranded on a deserted island, first identifying the key jobs they need to do to survive and then exploring how these roles evolve to build to a functioning society. 

The activities completed throughout the programme help pupils develop their self-awareness, explore careers and challenge job stereotypes. 

Learning outcomes

  • Begin to explore the range of potential career options available and different types of jobs. 
  • Consider changing patterns and the evolution of careers. 
  • Begin to explore individual strengths, skills, interests and the link to potential careers. 
  • Challenge stereotypes.

Year 9

The Exploration programme is designed to help pupils make informed choices about how to start taking steps towards their future career path, through a combination of interactive activities and the online Career Investigator tool.

Pupils explore the wide number of careers associated with an industry and debate the links between subject choices, skills and careers.

Learning outcomes

  • Develop an awareness of the wide range of careers that exist within a single industry. 
  • Promote the links between the curriculum subjects and different careers. 
  • Enables pupils to begin to reflect on their career personalities.

Year 10

Pupils are introduced to ULAS, an online platform, that allows them to investigate a wide range of careers options. They build a profile of themselves and record instances where they demonstrated key ‘soft-skills’ required in the workplace.

Pupils are audited according to their careers profile, and targeted accordingly with opportunities to hear guest speakers and go on educational visits suited to their career ambitions.

All Year 10 pupils are offered the chance to have an academic or business mentor. These mentors support pupils in preparing for exams and developing revision techniques, as well as starting to work on their communication and public speaking skills.

Learning outcomes

  • Enable pupils to reflect on whether their skills match up with their desired career path
  • Compile a record of skills, then set targets for those skills that need to be developed
  • Develop good study skills to help prepare pupils for GCSE examinations

Year 11

All pupils sit a psychometric test which measures, amongst other things, their verbal reasoning, numerical skills and memory. It also explores their interests and personality type. Results feed into a one-to-one guidance interview with level 6 trained careers advisors. Following the guidance interview, all pupils are provided with an action plan.

Through practical activities, based on a superhero scenario, pupils better understand their abilities by exercising key skills and recognising the importance of transferable skills. 

Learning outcomes

  • Understand that employers require skills that go beyond qualifications and experience.
  • Gain an awareness of the importance of transferable skills from post and present experiences. 
  • Enable pupils to reflect on how they can demonstrate employability skills. 
  • Develop an action plan to develop these skills further.

Year 12

Weekly guest speakers contribute to our Inspire programme. These speakers, from across the industry spectrum, offer invaluable insights into careers. Students hear about apprenticeships, graduate programmes and school leaver programmes, as well as traditional careers. The aim of our programme is not only to provide practical tips about career pathways, but to also introduce career options that students may not previously have thought about.

At the end of Year 12, students have a guidance interview with a level 6 trained careers advisor. Results inform applications for their next steps, be it their UCAS application or alternative post 18+ pathways.

There will also be subject-specific opportunities, and students are encouraged to sign up to a range of visits and programmes that include workplace visits and exercises.

All Year 12 students are offered the chance to have an academic or business mentor. These mentors support students in CV writing, preparing for job interviews and formulating revision programmes.

Year 13

All Year 13 students visit our Westminster City School careers fair. Students are guided through the UCAS process and provided with the opportunity for careers workshops. These workshops enable them to create a Linkedin profile, to develop their interview techniques and to refine their CV.

Whole School

Careers focus weeks arise throughout our annual School calendar. These weeks involve assemblies, challenges and educational visits.


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