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Westminster City School OFSTED Inspection Highlights

23 May 2022

Following a Section 8 inspection visit on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 March 2022, OFSTED have confirmed that, under a new more rigorous framework, Westminster City School continues to be a ‘Good’ School.

The lead inspector was very clear about the considerable progress that the School has made since its last inspection in 2017.

We have outlined some of the highlights from the report below.

Westminster City School has a broad and ambitious curriculum.

The inspectors commented positively on the broad, rich and ambitious curriculum that is accessible to all pupils at Westminster City School. They highlighted the teachers’ dedication for their subject and their willingness to want their pupils to excel.

“They plan learning carefully so that pupils know more and remember more. Teachers encourage pupils to go over previous learning regularly, which helps pupils to remember what they have already learned. Learning is sequenced to ensure that all pupils reach the same ambitious goals.

“In science, an emphasis on practical work helps to ensure that pupils build and apply their knowledge and skills securely.”

All pupils have access to a range of opportunities.

Pupils have access to a wide range of opportunities, including work experience and mentoring.

“From the start, pupils receive effective targeted support to help them meet their ambitions. Pupils are well prepared to make choices, for example for GCSE and post 16 options." They “…enjoy a wide range of extra-curricular clubs, including in music, drama, sports and debating. Leaders enrich this programme with links to businesses and organisations that are based locally.”

Pupils at Westminster City School feel like a ‘family’.

"Pupils spoke enthusiastically about the School’s environment and how happy they feel to come into school each day. They stated that “the School community feels like a family.”

“A comprehensive programme of assemblies is also used to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Pupils are encouraged to develop an understanding of different identities and the importance of respect and tolerance.”

Westminster City School’s Sixth Form provision is a popular choice for pupils.

“The sixth form is increasingly popular, and leaders use the School’s location to enrich learning and provide additional opportunities for pupils.”

In the sixth form, expert teachers offer clear instructions and students feel strongly supported. Teachers give students regular feedback on their work and address any misconceptions. Sixth Form students spoke positively about this, as well as about the quality of careers advice they receive.”

Headteacher Peter Broughton said:

“The recent OFSTED inspection is an affirmation of the education we provide but we are ambitious to go further. Whilst our overall grading of 'Good' remains the same, the framework for inspection has changed. The report does reflect the progress that has been made in recent years. We will continue to develop Westminster City School, knowing that we have achieved a lot but that there is more important work to do. Our expectation is that by the time of the School’s 150th anniversary in 2027, the School will be judged ‘Outstanding’ by the inspectorate.”

Chair of Governors William Wells said:

“On behalf of the Governing Body, I congratulate the School’s Staff on such a positive, constructive outcome for the School. Above all else, it should be very re-assuring to those for whom the School exists: past, present and future students. The Governing Body are clear this is a high quality “Base Plate” from which to continue improving academic, extra-curricular and pastoral performance and building the School’s ambitions in the coming years.”

The full OFSTED report can be viewed here.

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