Year 8 options - 2020

Year 8 pupils need to choose their Key Stage 4 options by Friday 27 March.

Our Year 8 options booklet (below) contains further details about available courses and the Year 8 options timeline. Our pupils need to make an informed choice about the next stage of their education, so should read the booklet well and discuss their thoughts with parents/carers and teachers.

Pupils must complete and return their Initial Choice Option Form by Friday 27 March. If you have missed that deadline, please submit your form urgently.

When completing your Initial Choice Option Form, you must:

  • Indicate the humanities option you wish to study 
  • Indicate the two option choices you have made in order of preference, including two reserve choices (remember: if we are unable to offer you your first and second choice, then we will use your reserve choices, so please think carefully about these! You should not be putting the same subjects for your reserve choices, that you selected for your first and second options)
  • Indicate if you have fluency in another language
  • Make any other circumstances or considerations known to us in the appropriate section

Please note, some option choices will only run if there are sufficient numbers of pupils to justify them. In addition, some subjects are also limited to accepting a maximum number of pupils, so we cannot promise that we will be able to offer every pupil the choices that they indicate.

If you have any questions, please email Ms Moran or Ms Mole.

Our Initial Choice Option Form can be completed below.



Year 8 Date  
Year 8 options booklet 2020 19th Mar 2020 Download

Year 8 initial choice option form - 2020

Year 8 initial choice option form - 2020
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