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Business Facilitation Workshop with Urban Land Institute

17 May 2022

The Business Studies department at Westminster City School hosted business experts and facilitators from Urban Land Institute who delivered a workshop to students in Years 10 and 12 who are studying Business Studies.

The workshop involved students constructing their own hypothetical town as well as visualising the future of the town they created, ensuring that it is economically sustainable and it enhances the well-being of residents and workers.

Students worked in groups of six and each member of the group were assigned different roles such as Head of Planning and Head of Environment, only to name a few. Each group members were responsible for how the town was constructed, thus looking at return for investors as well as key financial goals using the finance app to assist with their planning.

Once the groups completed their construction work, they were then given the task of pitching their ideas to the industry experts who formed a ‘council’, showing that they care about their development as well as sharing their project vision, focusing on the USP. To ensure that students gave their very best presentations, top tips were shared with them which explained the importance of maintaining eye contact, displaying positive body language and making a good first impression.

Year 12 student Valentino commented on the workshop session saying:

“It was interesting learning how to arrange a team and demonstrate efficiency in meeting investment expectations as well as the community.”

Year 10 student Nathaniel added:

"The workshop was excellent. It was very refreshing to learn that there are various opportunities within a vast number of industries for young entrepreneurs to thrive in."

Leshai, who is also in Year 10 said:

"The business workshop was very enjoyable as we were able to interact with each other in a practical task which allowed us,as students,to broaden our knowledge in architecture.

"Personally, this was an enjoyable experience as I was able to use my leadership skills to make a business plan which I found quite challenging but it made me want to do my best and win the competition."

To conclude the day, students received career advice from industry experts who reminded them that they are in the most amazing part of London, where everything is accessible to them. They were encouraged to “grab hold of the opportunities available, and not to be afraid of making the wrong decisions” and take the initiative to find out more about the companies in their locality.

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