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Incoming Year 7 - 2020 entry

At present, our new Year 7 pupils should start at Westminster City School on Thursday 3 September 2020. This is a change to previously announced and means our induction will now run over two days (Thursday 3 and Friday 4 September) for all Year 7 pupils

While the move from primary to secondary school is an important and exciting step in the life of everyone, it can also seem daunting. This webpage is designed to provide further information and guidance for our incoming Year 7 cohort and their parents/carers.

'Kick' Summer Camp 2020
Our incoming Year 7 pupils are invited to join our ‘Kick’ Summer Camp on 17, 18 and 19 August. Please complete our registration form, below, if you would like your son to attend.

Running in addition to our induction days on 3 and 4 September, our ‘Kick’ Summer Camp will offer fun and safe days of sports, dance, and team building at our School. At what has been a challenging time, many pupils will not have had a chance to see their friends, say good-bye to old teachers or visit their new school. Our ‘Kick’ Summer Camp is designed to get our incoming Year 7 pupils feeling positive and excited about starting at Westminster City School in September.

Pupils will need to arrive at 9.15am and be collected at 3.30pm. They should be wearing Westminster City School sports kit (unless you have been unable to purchase it by this time) and must bring a packed lunch and bottle of water. (A packed lunch will be provided if your son is entitled to free school meals).

‘Kick’ are a not-for-profit organisation with 17 years’ experience of teaching a variety of services, including sports coaching, dance provision and mentoring. They will also be working with our Westminster City School pupils throughout the year to provide mentoring and transformational sports coaching.  

A message from our Head of Year 7

As Head of Year 7, I look forward to welcoming you, our new Year 7, to Westminster City School soon. 

At Westminster City School, we believe that every pupil is an important individual and we strive to ensure every pupil is able to achieve success. Our mission is to offer exceptional learning opportunities promoting wisdom, integrity, compassion and excellence within our inclusive community. Our dynamic Christian foundation and rich heritage help equip each person with the life-skills needed to flourish.

I encourage our new pupils, and their parents/carers to read this page together, as it provides useful information about their future at Westminster City School.

Remember that you can also keep up-to-date with all our latest news by following Westminster City School on Facebook and Twitter.

Miss Davies, Head of Year 7

Messages from current Year 7 pupils

A number of our current Year 7 pupils have created wonderful messages for our future Year 7 pupils. These can be viewed on the following Loom file.

In addition, current Year 7, Malekio, has written a lovely welcome message for our incoming Year 7:

"My advice would be to be patient. Everything comes in time like: friends, knowing the building and knowing the teachers. There is no reason to be scared. Once you reach the school and enter, everyone will be welcoming and a teacher or ambassador will lead you to where you are supposed to go. You'll be assigned a form group, tutor and a form room. You will share time with them in the morning and a perk is that your form group are together for certain lessons like, History and English. A perfect opportunity to make friends.

"The teachers are amazing. They offer a fun and effective experience in your learning. Some teachers I could say are my friends. They are that good. Now for the fun part. There is a system where you get positive points and can trade them in for prizes, like 1,200 positive points gets you a kindle. That's cool right! There are other prizes you can get for 200 positive points and more. The more positive points you get, the better the reward. Work hard. A merit = 5 positive points. A distinction = 10 positive points. Now for the stress relief. There are a wide variety of extra curricular activities. From sports to board games to homework. There is football, basketball, rugby, chess, homework club, science club. There are good things about being early because you can play some basketball or go to maths club.

"You get two breaks. The first break is the time to purchase snacks and the break with all the year groups except year 12 and 13. The second break is for purchasing lunch along with the year 8s. The canteen is at the back of the school where part of the playground is. Yes, the playground is at the back and front. Huge right! Back to the canteen. You have to line up in a straight line in front of the door where the teacher is. The teacher will send in 10 or 5 at a time depending on how filled the canteen is. Inside the canteen there will be seats around a round table three separate lines for the paying for the food and food stands. The cool thing is that you pay with your finger print or code.

"Just be cool and be yourself."

Our Year 7 induction process

We aim to make the transition from primary school to secondary school as smooth as possible, ensuring you quickly feel at home at Westminster City School.

At present, we are undertaking remote inductions with our incoming Year 7 pupils and their parents/carers. To be contacted by a member of staff to arrange your remote induction, please follow this link: https://tinyurl.com/wcsinduction2020.

We are following all UK Government guidelines regarding COVID-19 and will continue to provide parents/carers with further updates as and when we have them. 

In the meantime, the first day at Westminster City School for our new Year 7 is scheduled to be Thursday 3 September. This is a change to previous information. All our Year 7 pupils will now take part in a two-day induction on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 September. As these days will be for Year 7 pupils and Year 12 students only, this will provide an opportunity for familiarisation, without the rest of our School community. 

Once you join our School in September, you will a named member of staff dedicated to ensuring your wellbeing while at our School. In addition, our house system and strong pastoral support allows all within our new Year 7 cohort to immediately feel at home. 

Our School uniform

All Westminster City School uniform can be purchased from Whitehall Clothiers in Camberwell. During lockdown, Whitehall Clothiers are open by appointment only. Please visit their website for more information.

Our uniform consists of:

  • Black blazer with top left-hand pocket and School badge (the School badge can be purchased from our School Reception)
  • School tie (this can be purchased from our School Reception)
  • Grey V-neck jumper
  • Grey trousers
  • Black leather school shoes (no trainers)

Remember that you will also need a black school bag with our Westminster City School crest on it.

Our PE kit consists of:

  • White polo shirt with Westminster City School crest
  • Black sports shorts
  • White or yellow socks
  • Trainers

Remember that when you play rugby you will need to wear our School rugby shirt, which is yellow and has our School crest on it. You can also wear the jersey in the winter, when it is cold. This winter kit can be bought from Whitehall Clothiers.

A typical day at Westminster City School

Your day will begin with morning registration and form time, so you start your day with your friends and your form tutor. A number of assemblies take place each week, divided by year group, by key stage and by house, so you interact with others in your year group or house then.

In contrast to primary school, where you were probably taught by one teacher covering a number of subjects, you will be taught by subject specialist teachers at Westminster City School. For most lessons, you will be in your mixed ability form group. It is only in mathematics and science that you will be taught in ability groups. 

We have a morning break and lunch, of course! Our Dining Hall serves hot and cold food, and many pupils enjoy taking part in extra-curricular activities over lunchtime, as well as before- and after-school. 

Throughout the day and after-school, our Library provides a welcoming space for reading and quiet study, holding over 10,000 books, with new titles added regularly. You will have a weekly reading session in our Library during Years 7 and 8. 

Video tours

Since lockdown means our incoming Year 7 pupils may not have had a chance to visit, we have recorded a few short videos to help you familiarise yourself with our Palace Street site.

Beyond the classroom

You will find our extra-curricular clubs take place before- and after-school, as well as at lunch. So, you could be researching and taking on the roles of different countries for topical debates at our Model United Nations Society, undertaking exciting experiments at our Key Stage 3 Science Club and learning Latin in our Latin Club. 

Music remains hugely popular, so we have an active Choir, a busy Orchestra and other musical ensembles. If you are interested in learning an instrument, then we offer individual lessons in brass, string and woodwind, plus piano, guitar and drums. 

You’ll also be kept physically active, with cross-country running, football, basketball, rugby and athletics, to name just a few sports on offer. We have on-site facilities, including our large sports hall and outside playground, plus numerous leisure services and open spaces nearby. Our rugby teams, for example, train at Green Park three times a week during the rugby season.

We make the most of our central London location by inviting interesting visitors to our School, so you may be attending discussions with business leaders from Deutsche Bank or Google and taking part in workshops and auditions with the English National Opera and VOCES8, as well as going on exciting trips that support your learning. In the last academic year alone, excursions have ranged from art classes at Buckingham Palace to geography fieldwork in Richmond Park, and from science lectures at the Savoy Theatre to historical studies at the Churchill War Rooms. 

Last year, almost 100 Year 7 pupils spent three days on a residential trip at an outdoor education centre in East Sussex. We will shortly provide some exciting news to you about our next Year 7 residential trip, which should be to an outward bound centre in Wales. Watch this space and get ready to get active...!

Individual instrument lessons - academic year 2020-21

We are very proud of our music provision at Westminster City School. We offer outstanding tuition with the help of some of the best teachers in London. Our music instrument teachers come from The Royal College of Music, Guildhall, the Spanish Conservatoire and other respected institutions. This results in enhanced progression through graded music instrument exams. The Old Westminster Citizens Association provides our Music Department with funds, which allow us to offer these lessons at a heavily subsidised price.

We have a limited number of places on our instrument tuition programme, and these will be allocated on a ‘first come first served basis’. Brass, guitar, strings and woodwind lessons are charged at £100 per term for ‘paired’ lessons or £130 per term for ‘solo’ lessons, per instrument. Piano, singing and drums are charged at £130 per term. There is financial help available for pupils who are entitled to and in receipt of free school meals.

Orchestra and performances 
Performing and rehearsing as part of an orchestra helps develop vital skills required to be a musician. Rehearsals take place once a week in our Music Department. As our School heavily subsidises instrument lessons, it is compulsory that your son is part of the orchestra and performances in school.

Booking and paying fees 
For lessons starting in Michaelmas term 2020 we require our Music Booking Request Form to be completed and returned to us on or before 1 July 2020, please make a note of the terms and conditions. The form can be returned by scanning or photo to d.cecile@wcsch.com. We will then determine if we have places available for your child in their requested instrument group. 

Once you have had lessons confirmed your child will be added to the relevant payment item on ParentPay.

Lessons will not start unless payment is received in full.

Getting to know you

Well done to all our incoming Year 7 pupils who recently submitted their piece of work introducing a person they know very well - themself!

A few weeks ago, we asked our incoming pupils to provide information about their hobbies, their home and what they enjoy about school, although the format of this work was up to them, so it could be a piece of writing, a drawing or even a video. From the many responses received, Miss Davies then picked her top three examples. Prizes will be sent shortly to these future Westminster City School pupils and extracts of their work are shown, below.

Miss Davies, said: “It was a really tough decision, as all the entries were amazing. So, well done to Star Wars and LEGO fan Hussain. He made excellent use of technology by producing a video, and was really informative about his hobbies, what he enjoys about school, and what he is looking forward to at Westminster City School - meeting his teachers and classmates.
“I’d like to congratulate Temujin for his fantastic creative skills, since he produced a wonderful self-portrait, alongside a piece of acrostic writing, that spelt out his name (see above). Finally, well done to Saimonas for his use of technology in creating a brilliant PowerPoint about himself, his hobbies, his home and his family."

'Kick' Summer Camp 2020

'Kick' Summer Camp 2020
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