Show My Homework

Our Show My Homework website should  allow you to easily see the homework your child has been set, and support them in completing their homework.

Please note that, during this unprecedented closure to combat COVID-19, Show My Homework is receiving an immense amount of traffic and may run slowly. This is particularly so in the early morning. In light of this, if you are experiencing problems accessing Show My Homework, we suggest you try logging on later in the morning and during the day.

We hope the use of our Show My Homework website will allow your child to access and organise their homework more effectively, which should help their progress. We do not expect you to help them with the actual work set! However, we would like you to provide a quiet area for your child to complete their homework. 

To check your child’s homework, please use the link below to visit our Show My Homework website. 

Show My Homework | Westminster City School To check your child’s homework, you need your parent pin number that was sent home. If you can’t login, please contact Show My Homework on telephone: 020 7197 9550 or follow the online instructions using the link, below:

Show My Homework Instructions


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