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A Latin Club with a view

19 December 2019

Members of our Latin Club have visited Westminster City Hall for their final Latin Club lesson before the Christmas break.

While our Latin Club normally meets in our School on a Wednesday morning, this was a chance for them to take their studies outside the classroom, as well as see the nearby city council building first hand. Alongside their usual lesson (on Telemachus and Odysseus), our pupils and their Latin teacher, Ms Kassi, were given a tour of the Lord Mayor's Parlour with Mr Stuart Love, Chief Executive of Westminster City Council.

Mr Love spoke to our pupils about his career and role at Westminster City Council, as well as about the importance of language in the workplace. However, our Latin Club members were also able to offer some advice to Mr Love and gave their own revision tips to him, since he is also learning a language at present!

Year 7 pupil, Tobias, said: "It was a great opportunity to see Westminster City Council and find out what exciting things are happening near our School!" Fellow Year 7, Akash, added: "It was so interesting to hear about Mr Love's career. It taught us more about working hard to achieve our goals in life and how we should aim for jobs that we are passionate about."

Our Latin Club members would like to thank Ms Kassi for this wonderful experience, as well as the chance to take in a beautiful view of London from the nineteenth floor!

Our English Department has been running a Latin Club since October half-term. Pupils are taught by a classicist who studied at the University of Cambridge, giving them an opportunity to access a subject that supports their understanding of many other subjects and prepares them for many future professions.


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