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Powerful poetry

16 December 2019

A poem about the consequences of knife crime, written and performed by three Westminster City School pupils, is being entered in a national competition.

All KS3 pupils were invited to participate in a spoken word poetry competition called ‘I know I wish I will’, with our Westminster City School pupils working hard with well-known performance poet, Remi Graves, on their possible entries.

Ms Keir, from our English Department, explains: “With Remi’s help, our pupils explored topics that particularly resonated with them, then worked collaboratively in small groups to produce their own pieces for the competition.

“Remi returned to our School to help pupils practise delivering their poems, offering valuable advice and support on their presentation. Our pupils then performed their work for our panel of Westminster City School judges in early December. All pupils did an excellent job and it was difficult to pick our top poem - Knife crime, by Gasim, Rashard and Theo in Year 8.”

Organised to celebrate 25 years of the arts organisation Eastside, which aims to develop the creative thinking of young people across London, ‘I know I wish I will’ was open to budding performance poets around the UK. The competition will culminate in a 25-hour poetry marathon involving 500 performers in London’s West End. This event will be live streamed across the world, with all poems published in a book.

A number of poems written and performed by Westminster City School pupils will now be put forward for ‘I know I wish I will’. However, special congratulations must go to poets Gasim, Rashard and Theo in Year 8 for the below poem, Knife crime, which was judged the top Westminster City School entry by our own judges.

Knife crime, by Gasim, Rashard and Theo

The luminous orb approaches looming with a shadow of menace
The moon has reached its zenith
Day has gone
The sun is lost
What will happen
And at what cost?

Out comes A
Out comes B
Out comes the knives
Out comes the beef

A grim edge flickers in the light
Two seconds later it attempts to take a life
A river of crimson steadily flows
In the distance the lights of an ambulance glows

A young man is dying
His mum is on the phone
But I know he’ll just be another name
On another gravestone

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