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Landslide for Labour

13 December 2019

Westminster City School’s own general election saw a massive victory for the Labour Party, in contrast to the results of yesterday’s UK general election.

Our School-wide election, which took place the day before the UK’s general election, saw all pupils and students head to the polls. Across Westminster City School, each form group become its own constituency, with all voting for their chosen party during form time. When all votes were tallied and distributed, in proportion to Westminster’s 650 MPs, Labour ended up with 602 MPs, while the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats had 24 seats each.

Even when counting our Westminster City School votes using proportional representation, Labour retained a sizeable majority of 489 seats, with the Conservatives trailing far behind on 63, the Liberal Democrats on 60 and the Brexit Party gaining 37 seats. 

Mr de Silva, Head of Politics at Westminster City School, explained: “The advantage of using both systems was shown to pupils, as it was revealed that, under a first past the post system (as in the UK general election), only 1 in 4 votes actually counted towards the results. In contrast, under a proportional representation system, every single vote counted.”

Within our Sixth Form, students currently studying A Level Sociology or A Level Politics were randomly selected to represent four political parties – Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Brexit. They had to research their given party and give a speech during our Sixth Form assembly. They also took part in a lively lunch time debate with younger pupils, where the hot topics under discussion included the NHS, funding for schools, Donald Trump and, inevitably, Brexit.

Mr de Silva added: “It was fantastic to see everyone so engaged. Ms James, Head of Social Sciences, and I are very proud of our sixth formers for taking on the challenge of arguing for parties that they did not necessarily agree with. A key aspect of good debating is understanding that there are two sides to an argument, which is particularly so if you have to debate a point that goes against your personal beliefs! Our students did this to a very high standard, meaning other pupils were able to hear all sides of the discussion. It was great to see the lunchtime debate and enthusiasm spilling out into the playground afterwards.

“Ms James and I would like to thank all the students who led the debates, all pupils who participated, and all form tutors who allowed it to take place in their form times.”

As the UK’s general election firmly decided in favour of the Conservative Party, our Westminster City School election enabled all pupils to see democracy in action, while helping our sixth formers, who are studying related topics at A Level, build their knowledge of different electoral systems.

In addition, congratulations must go to Westminster City School Old Boy, Wes Streeting, who held his seats as MP for Ilford North with a majority of 5,218.

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