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Bebras brilliance

13 December 2019

Results are in for the UK Bebras Challenge, with 13 Westminster City School pupils placed in the top 10% nationally!

Back in November, all in Years 7 and 8, plus pupils studying GCSE Computer Science, took part in the UK Bebras Challenge. This competition consists of a sequence of short puzzles, called Bebras tasks, which are delivered online. Participants had to complete as many tasks as possible in the 40 minutes allowed.

Mr Phillips, Subject Leader for Computing at Westminster City School, explains: “The Bebras tasks required much logical thinking and were based on the sort of problems that computer scientists often encounter. We are thrilled that a number of our pupils were named in the national top 10% of those who took part in the Challenge.”

Our pupils have now been invited to participate in a similar competition, the BTCS Oxford Computing Challenge. Developed with the University of Oxford, it encourages those who achieved a top 10% score in the UK Bebras Challenge to develop their skills further by producing programmed solutions to computational thinking problems. The BTCS Oxford Computing Challenge takes place in March 2020.

Congratulations to Lucas E (7H), Ademola A (7H), David K (7P), Malekio M (7S), Isaac RG (9D), Bobby B (9D), Elijah O (9D), Daniel V (9D), Hezekias H (9D), Daniel LF (9D), Augustine S (9K), David LM (9K) and Daniel N (10B1). Further congratulations to best in class, Jabir, from Year 8.

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