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X marks the spot

6 December 2019

While some Westminster City School sixth formers may be eligible to vote on Thursday 12 December, all at our School will get to put their cross in a box, with our own general election the day before.

Mr de Silva, Head of Politics, explains: “All Westminster City School pupils and students are going to the polls, as we run our own School-wide general election. Sixth formers currently studying A Level Sociology or A Level Politics have been randomly selected to represent four political parties – Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Brexit. Our candidates have had to research their given party and give a speech during our Sixth Form assembly. They will also take part in a lunch time debate next week.

“This process has given our students a chance to develop their public speaking abilities, as well as practice their skills of research, analysis and debate. In fact, the random selection for different parties means that many of those taking part are representing political parties that they do not necessarily agree with, making this a truly eye-opening and challenging experience for them!”

Across Westminster City School, each form group will become its own constituency and each pupil will vote for their chosen party during form time on Wednesday 11 December. Results will be available on the UK’s real Election Day, Thursday 12 December.

Mr de Silva added: “Running our own election means all our pupils get to see democracy in action. We also intend to ensure that our Westminster City School election results are available for a first past the post system (like the UK General Election) and for a proportional representation system. This will help all our pupils better understand the UK’s General Election, as well as help our sixth formers, who are studying this at A Level, build their knowledge of different election systems.”

Keep an eye on our School’s social media channels for the results of our Westminster City School election!

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