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Underground with Winston

25 November 2019

A Level History students have seen for themselves what Winston Churchill’s underground wartime base was like.

As part of their studies, our sixth formers recently visited the Churchill War Rooms, at the Imperial War Museum. Here they got to see the underground labyrinth of rooms and corridors that sheltered Churchill and his war cabinet from the German bombing raids. This bunker, hidden beneath the streets of Westminster, was where Britain's leaders plotted the allied route to victory during the Second World War.

Year 12 student, Vyn-Sasha, explains: “Our trip to the Churchill War Rooms was a riveting experience. I enjoyed learning more about Churchill’s experience underground, about the people who were around him at this time, and about the location of his underground meeting base, near 10 Downing Street.”

For our A Level History students, the history of Britain from 1930-1997, with an in-depth study on Winston Churchill, is one of their key projects during Year 12. This visit to Churchill’s War Rooms allowed our sixth formers to take their learning outside of the classroom.

Vyn-Sasha added: “This experience was well worth the time outside of school. I would recommend that such a trip is offered to all Year 12 students taking A Level History or Politics.”

The Churchill War Rooms lets visitors see the underground nerve centre where Winston Churchill and his inner circle directed the Second World War, while the Churchill museum helps people learn more about Churchill’s life and legacy.

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