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Taekwondo triumph

20 November 2019

A Westminster City School pupil has been named the British National Taekwondo Champion 2019.

Year 7 pupil, Diego, who has been taekwondo training since he was just three years old, took part in the British National Taekwondo Championship this month. The event, in Manchester, saw more than 850 people from across the UK compete in a number of different categories.

Diego said: “My dad really inspired me to take up the sport. He has taken part in taekwondo competitions all around the world and he helps to coach me. My parents were very excited and so happy when I won my final match and became champion!”

At the Manchester competition, Diego was victorious in multiple matches, before being crowned the new British Taekwondo National Champion 2019 in the black belt children category.

Diego added: “I enjoy taekwondo training because it is fun and lets me meet lots of new people, as well as keep fit. I plan to continue with my taekwondo, taking part in a competition in Germany next year, as well as returning to Manchester for the 2020 championship.”

Hanaro Taekwondo Club, where Diego trains in London, said: “This is a great achievement for Diego and for the London region. Diego has put a lot of effort into his sporting career and he has a big future ahead of him. He may be an Olympic or world champion in the near future!”

Congratulations to Diego on his taekwondo triumph!

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