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A Westminster City School boy dreams

4 April 2018

During the Easter holidays, one Year 10 pupil took part in the Christian Aid church service, Rediscovering Justice: Marking the 50th anniversary of the death of Revd  Dr Martin Luther King Jr at Westminster Abbey.

Noah tells us about this incredible experience:

"On Tuesday evening, I went for a rehearsal. I was shown to the Nave Pulpit where I was to do my reading. It was near the Great West Door, the main entrance where most people sit. While practising with the Abbey team, the BBC sound guys started erecting their mikes... It was getting really serious. Mark, the verger, explained to me just what I should do and exactly where I'd be seated, in the choir section where the diplomats and politicians sit. After that I helped to place the programmes and leaflets on some of the 2,000 seats in the Abbey.

"The next day I was back again at 9am for the 12 noon service; this time I had swapped my jeans and t-shirt for something much smarter! I met the verger who ran through the final arrangements, after which we did the rehearsal along with my fellow readers. They explained to me that, after the reading, I should stay put until after the Dean’s blessing, when I would be led to the Great West Door for my Royal presentation. I took my seat and watched the place come to life as more than 2,000 people filled the Abbey. And, just like the programme said, it started on time.

"The choir sounded great; they were a special choir made up from different choirs to sing for this special event. The sermon, by the Bishop of Woolwich, was very thoughtful especially as it talked about the importance of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr, his impact and the issues affecting our society today.

"Before I knew it, the vrger was standing in front of me while How Great Thou Art was being sung and he led me past rows of faces to the Nave Pulpit. In a moment, my voice was was reading the Christian Aid prayer, “I have a Dream”.

"As requested, I stayed put until I was led once more, this time to the Great West Door to meet the Queen’s cousin, Prince Michael, the Duke of Kent. After, a thank you from the Dean, it was quite an awesome day."

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