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History in Paris

30 November 2018

History pupils and students, from Years 10 to 13, have visited many landmarks from the French Revolution and the Cold War on a trip to Paris.

Sixth former, Steph, explains: "We walked the streets and found bullet holes in buildings from the revolution! I relished the opportunity to be at the same place that historic events occurred, like the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in the infamous “hall of mirrors” in the Palace of Versailles. It is one thing to hear and to read about history, but was fascinating to actually be there!

"I can now sympathise with the peasants’ fear and anger towards the monarchy - imagine starving and walking 12 miles to meet your King to ask for bread, only to encounter a glorious golden palace drowned in luxury. And to then have you Queen suggest you “eat cake” when you didn't even have the resources to make bread!"

Junior added: "I enjoyed the trip as it was good to see, at firsthand, all the institutions that had survived the revolution in 1789, like the Palace of Versailles. It helped me make the visual link from what I had been studying in class, and it was interesting to see how spacious and different the architecture seemed in comparison to London.

"It was great to visit a leading European nation and converse with those that spoke a different language to me. I would fully recommend this trip to other history students."


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