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Westminster City School Christmas Fair

8 December 2022

On the evening of Wednesday 7 December, the Music, Business and Sixth Form teams combined to put on an excellent Christmas Fair at Westminster City School which included a brilliant set of musical performances in the main hall and much enterprise in our Courtyard. 

Jade who is currently in Year 12 grasped hold of the chance to showcase her entrepreneurial skills at the Christmas Fair by setting up a stall as part of the evening.
She commented saying:
“I had a stall selling a range of handmade resin jewellery and branded jewellery. Overall, my experience of the fair was very positive as there were some enjoyable Christmas music, laughter and Christmas spirit. In terms of my stall I enjoyed marketing my product which helped my stand flourish therefore leading to me acquiring a good amount of profit.”  

Year 10 student Temi hosted the concert, delivering laughs throughout the night and the raffle was a particular fan favourite specifically amongst the teachers! The evening was a lovely display of Westminster City School community and the Christmas spirit.

Mae who is in Year 13 also enjoyed the evening and commented saying:

“The Christmas concert was a great opportunity to hear all the musical performances, from choir to brass band; they were all nothing short of amazing.”

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