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Westminster City School Celebrates Black History Month

22 October 2022

To celebrate Black History Month, Sixth Form students and staff at Westminster City School held a cultural event on Friday 21 October with a range of activities, including music performances, poetry performances, quizzes, flavourful food and drinks representing an array of cultures.

Additionally, the event was an opportunity to raise awareness about sickle cell disease, which is particularly common in people with an African or Caribbean family background.

Year 13 student, Temi who was part of the incredible music performances commented on the event saying:

“Throughout my entire seven-year journey at Westminster City School, there has been a lot of hidden and talented gems. Singing and performing has allowed me to point out the hidden gems in the younger years and inspire them to reach their full potential, thus allowing us to unite for Black History Month.”

Kellasson who is also in Year 13 added:

“As a young black musician, music has always been my passion and I have been inspired by black musical artists who helped to push me to be the best I can be. I believe that black people should elevate and inspire each other in all aspects of life, and performing as part of Black History Month at Westminster City School is one of the ways we can reach solidarity.”

Gavrilla, a Year 12 student at Westminster City School spoke about the importance of raising awareness about sickle cell disease and the role that others can play in offering their support.

“I see how sickle cell affects people my age and I empathise a lot with the sufferers. It is a prevalent issue. My aunty has sickle cell, and I would like to spread awareness during Black History Month because it impacts 85% of the black community in the UK.” 

Organisers of the event included students in the Sixth Form at Westminster City School, Teacher of Social Science, Ms Mohamed and Sixth Form Learning Mentor, Ms Lutumba.

Commenting on the event and celebrating Black History Month, Ms Mohamed said:

“The rationale behind our Sixth Form Black History Month event has been to unite our Westminster City School sixthformers in recognising black excellence, both outside the school in the wider society and internally at our school.

"We have had Sixth Form students raising awareness on sickle cell which mostly affects black people in the country, amazing performances by our very own students both with instruments and singing, spoke word, poetry and a variety of cultural food. This event is to unite our students, of all backgrounds, to celebrate Black history, the roots, the excellence and the future.”

Celebrating Black History Month allows students who are a part of the school community at Westminster City School to acknowledge the excellent successful black men and women who have paved the way and have achieved great things in life.

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