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South of the River ft Rio Ferdinand and Abubakarr

16 September 2022

Westminster City School student Abubakarr is featured in a new docuseries entitled ‘South of the River’ which was released on Netflix earlier this month.

The documentary ‘tells the stories of young, high-profile footballers from South London, who beat the odds in their quest for international success.’

Abubakarr is in his final year at Westminster City School completing his GCSEs and currently plays for Lambeth Tigers Football Club. He is working towards becoming a professional footballer and his passion and enthusiam for the sport is evident in the documentary ‘South of the River’, where he speaks about overcoming various obstables to achieve his dream.

British professional boxer, Anthony Joshua was so touched by Abubakarr’s remarkable experience in the documentary to the extent that he reached out to him on social media, which resulted in a phone call via snapchat.

Abubakarr shared the moment he spoke with Anthony saying:

“I felt really special when Anthony Joshua called me on snapchat because it is definitely a rare opportunity, one that I will never forget.

"He gave me some important advice and words of wisdom, which I found to be very inspiring because he reminded me that our destination in life isn’t determined by how we started or where we come from, it’s about how we finish, making the best use of our journey in life.”

“When someone as famous and successful as Anthony Joshua share such inspiring words, it is motivating and I’ll make sure I push myself to do everything I can to achieve my dream of getting a scholarship and pursuing my passion.”

Abubakarr will finish his education and look at the next steps required to fulfill his dream.


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