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Framestore Creative Studio

30 June 2022

On Wednesday 29 June, a select group of Year 10 students at Westminster City School had the exciting opportunity to visit Framestore, a Bafta and Oscar-award winning creative visual effects company, behind films such as Avengers - Infinity War and Harry Potter.

Students worked in groups to tackle real life issues using creative problem solving skills and presented their ideas to the group. Additionally, they were able to learn about the wide variety of careers in the industry, ranging from Creature Technical Director who is responsible for simulating hair or muscle on a CGI character to Lighting artists who use computer software to illuminate 3D objects to match live action backgrounds.

Similarly, they were also informed about the role of the Effects Technical Director who is in charge of developing spectacular simulations of floods to move under the rules of physics.

Students who attended the event said:

"It was great to see how STEM subjects such as Physics, Maths and Computer Science are used in the creative industry."

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