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GCSE Art Exhibition at Westminster City School

17 June 2022

On Thursday 16 June, the Art department at Westminster City School held an Art exhibition showcasing the spectacular work of GCSE Art students. The room was filled with a warm ambiance as Staff, students, parents and siblings enjoyed food and drinks whilst analysing and interpreting the artwork that were on display.

Mr Nutakor, Science teacher at Westminster City School commented on the exhibition saying:

“I attended the exhibition to learn more about our students as it is interesting to see how creative they can be. I am very impressed by the students' work, as their work says a lot about their character.”

Ms Crespo, Music teacher at Westminster City School also added:

“You always know students have various talents but it is always nice to see it in action. I really wanted to support our students because I know how hard they have worked and it is great to be able to see the final result. They should be extremely proud.”

Michael who is in Year 11 at Westminster City School had his work displayed at the Art exhibition. He spoke about his work saying:

“I find Art very therapeutic which is why I enjoy it very much. I have always been very good at Art and had a passion from a very young age. Today at the exhibition, a lot of my work features the human hands. The hands are my favourite to draw because it is something we look at every day, yet, we don’t realise how detailed our hands are.

“Although I enjoy Art very much, I want to keep it as a hobby. In the future I want to be a lawyer but I can also see myself selling Art as well.”

Michael’s mum, Rebecca, who attended the exhibition said she took the day off to attend because she is excited about Art and wanted to see her son’s work on display, as well as the work of other students.

Rebecca added:

“The students’ artwork are all very beautiful. You can really see so much talent and how they have brought their ideas to life in such a creative manner. I’m also really proud of my son, he has done incredibly well.”

Jeremiah, who also had his work displayed said that his inspiration came from watching a lot of cartoon shows which made him feel as though he wanted to be a part of it. As a result, he started bringing his ideas to life through Art.

He added:

“I love Art very much because I see a lot of beauty in Art. I used to draw everywhere, even on my shoes! I consider Art to be a way of expressing my artistic talent and I hope to pursue Art in the future. In fact, I see myself becoming an animator or an author.”

Jeremiah’s mum, Isa, was highly impressed by the magnificent and extraordinary pieces shown at the exhibition.

She said:

“Some of Jeremiah’s pieces on display are one I have never seen before until attending the exhibition. He has always been passionate about Art since he was in Year 9. Looking at his work, I must say that I am very chuffed. All of the other students’ artwork are amazing, a great stepping stone for those who would like to pursue Art.

The occasion was a great opportunity for the GCSE Art students at Westminster City School to reflect on how hard they have worked and how proud they should be of all that they have accomplished.

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