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Penguin Books Publishing Workshop

8 June 2022

On Tuesday 07 June, Year 12 Literature students had the fantastic opportunity of working alongside publishers and editors from Penguin House. The publishing house has been renowned for putting out classics that have stood the tests of time, as well as other popular works of fiction and non-fiction.

As part of the workshop, students learned about the creative and business operations of Penguin Publishing and the fact that there are roles for artists, marketers and, most importantly, writers. The team took students through the processes of publishing and finalizing the book titled ‘The Underworld’ by Femi Fadugba. Students were then given the final task of editing a blurb for the book.

Year 12 student at Westminster City School’s Sixth Form, Waliyah, enjoyed the workshop and gave an extremely positive feedback saying:

“The book that we looked at in the workshop was set in Peckham and included elements of science fiction, as well as incorporating elements of current life and futuristic themes.

“It was also such an honour to meet the staff that worked at Penguin House as they were very hospitable and provided insightful information about the nature of their work.” 

Lara, who is also in Year 12 added:

“The experience was beneficial as it gave me insight into the work and the different factors involved in publishing a book, and it broadened my knowledge of how much variety there is to the job. It was fascinating seeing all the work poured into one book, and the team from Penguin outlined a number of upcoming opportunities for young people interested in a career in publishing. I would recommend these to any young writers. 

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