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Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Regional Final 2022

27 May 2022

Well done to Year 10 students Joel and Antonis who both did an excellent job at representing Westminster City School at the Jack Petchey "Speak Out" Challenge, Kensington, Chelsea & Westminster Regional Final. The evening was filled with authentic and insightful ideas from many young speakers.

Congratulations to Joel who took third place with his powerful speech about identity titled ‘Mi Kontri?’.

When asked what inspired him to write this particular speech, Joel answered saying:

"During the first workshop delivered by a speaker from the Jack Petchey Foundation, I was told that I could talk about anything in regards to my speech, the first thing that came to mind was identity as the topic has influenced nearly every part of who I am.

"I also wanted people to think about the topic because identity issues among children of immigrants is not a heavily talked about subject and I feel we (children of immigrants) often internalise it and never talk about it ourselves, so ultimately my aim was to make everyone think."

In Joel's heart renching speech he speaks about "family gatherings and dinners, everyone speaking a language you can’t speak yourself."

"You can understand bits and pieces you have heard through your childhood but when you try to speak it the words just can’t come out. We know this feeling all too well. Of three key demographic groups, two have something in common."

Click the link here to watch Joel's speech.

This programme is funded by Jack Petchey Foundation and communications skills training is delivered by Speakers Trust, the UK’s leading public speaking charity.

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