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Year 12 Biology field trip

24 May 2022

On Monday 23 May, Year 12 students who are studying A Level Biology at Westminster City School's Sixth Form ventured out into nature for a field trip.

As part of the Biology field trip to Hyde Park, students carried out a core practical on biodiversity which was split into two sections. The first half consisted of measuring the effect of abiotic factors on the abundance of clovers over a distance from a main path. Students had to work in teams to put together a plan outlining how they would carry out the investigation using a range of quadrats, measuring equipments and sampling techniques.

Additionally, students were able to plunge into their surroundings as they discovered different types of species living with each other in a pond; this included Daphnia and Drangonfly Nymphs. This discovery also meant that students had to conduct further investigations about the impact people made on the different types of species in the park which resulted in interesting findings.

When students were asked what they enjoyed about the trip, Yoanna said:

"I particularly enjoyed holding a newt towards the the end of the trip, as well as the group work we did which enabled me to put into practice what I have learnt in lessons."

Ali, also added:

"The field trip was good, as we were able to experience the effects of scientific testing and approaches in a hands-on way. I particularly enjoyed putting into practice the theory learnt of Simpson's Index of Diversity and applying it to a real-world context."

The day proved to be fun whilst providing students with the chance to improve their practical skills and knowledge of the subject.

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