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PwC Financial Literacy Workshop at Westminster City School

20 May 2022

Students in Year 10 at Westminster City School were selected to take part in a workshop delivered by PwC staff regarding personal finance and money management. PwC are a professional services firm that help to solve problems for organisations large and small.

As part of the workshop, students looked at various activities which included identifying the layout of a payslip and how to ensure that they are getting paid the right amount from an employer. Students then had to work together in small groups discussing the importance of Tax, National Insurance, Pensions and Student Loans.

To conclude the session, PwC presenters Harriet and Aqeela held a Q&A session which provided students with the opportunity to ask questions about finances, day to day living expenditures, budgeting and as well as other questions about courses and programmes that students can get involved in at PwC or with other companies.

Koren, who is in Year 10 at Westminster City School said:

“The workshop session was very engaging. I enjoyed the inclusiveness, everyone had the chance to ask questions and share their opinions freely. Additionally, the information we received from the speakers was informative and they were easy to understand.”

Harriet, who delivered the workshop with her colleague shared her career journey with the students in attendance and encouraged them to do what they enjoy and “speak to people who are in the working environment to learn more about the world of work”.

The morning allowed students to consider links to future careers and the steps that they can take beyond Year 11 as well as gaining a broader understanding about life.

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