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Jack Petchey 'Speak Out' Challenge Workshop

12 May 2022

On Thursday 12 May, a select group of Year 10 students took part in the Jack Petchey "Speak Out" Challenge. The interactive workshop was led by a Speakers Trust trainer who kept the students engaged and focused throughout the day.

These students were involved in interactive exercises that enabled them to develop their communications skills and come out of their comfort zones. As part of the workshop, students received a wealth of advice and information on overcoming their nerves, how to listen to each other, how to work together as a team and how to give and receive constructive feedback.

Additionally, these students were supported with top tips on making speeches as well as delivering a successful speech in public.

Antonis who was selected amongst five other students to go through to the assembly final commented on the workshop saying:

"I really enjoyed the workshop because we had the chance to hear each other's views and opinions and we were given the opportunity to structure our own speeches as well.

"Today I learnt the importamce of not being afraid to try something new, even if it doesn't work out for the better, but at least you can be confident knowing that you've tried."

Speakers Trust trainer, Charlie added:

"It has been great working with these students today. I must say, the speeches I've heard from these students are some of the best speeches I have ever heard in a school."

Five students were selected to go through to the assembly final where they will have further involvement in the programme.

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