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Chess at Westminster City School

3 May 2022

Westminster City School recently held an impressive chess tournament for the first time in many years. Sixteen students from key stage 3 and 4 entered the competition to test their chess tactics and skills against each other.

As part of the chess tournament, four rounds of chess comprised of thirty-three individual games were played. Competitors gained 1 point for a win, 0.5 points for a draw and 0 points for a loss.

Many of the boys demonstrated their chess playing prowess to get them through the first three rounds, but, it was Year 10 student at Westminster City School, Bing and Year 8 student Endriu who managed to win all their games which resulted in gaining four points each.

The last game between Bing and Endriu lasted a nerve racking sixty minutes, where opportunities were missed by both players.

Bing, a regular attender of the Westminster City School chess club took advantage of Endriu’s mistakes, hence he was placed in an extraordinary position to pick up the decisive point and first place, leaving Endriu with second place and four points. A huge congratulations to Bing for his hard work and resilience shown throughout the entire tournament.

Well done to all the key stage 3 and 4 boys who took part in the chess tournament, these students were respectful to their opponents and the rules of the game. They are as listed:

Amaan (8P), Damali (8K), Tri (8W), Endriu (8W), Bing (10H), Sebastian (7D), Rayan (7D), Akash (9D) Layth (7W), Tobias Moore (9H), Pelumi (7K), Suhaib (8H), David (7W), Ibrahim (8H), Christian (10D) Izyan (10P)

Westminster City School’s chess club takes place weekly on Mondays in the Learning Resource Centre between 3pm – 4pm with Mr Gachette. Students are encouraged to sign up to attend so that they can challenge themselves, meet new people and most importantly have fun.

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