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WCS student wins Gold!

20 April 2022

On Sunday 03 April, Westminster City School student Nehemiah and his team at Southwark Gymnastics Club, competed at the British Gymnastics Championship in Sheffield and won Gold.

Nehemiah has always had a great love for gymnastics which started when he was only 4 years old.

His aunt realised that he had great potential and as a result, she encouraged Nehemiah's mother to focus on his talent and help him to pursue gymnastics throughout the years. When asked where he sees himself in five years, Nehemiah said that he “will become a famous gymnast and a great actor.”

Nehemiah continued with additional details about his gymnastics journey saying:

“I started competing for my team ‘Southwark Gymnastics Club’ where I have been given the opportunity to train and refine my skills and deepen my love for the sport.”

He then concluded saying:

“It is an incredible feeling to have won Gold at the British Championship. It really highlights the importance of never giving up, but always striving for excellence, chasing after our dreams knowing what we are capable of and what we really want in life.”

"My advice to others, especially my peers, is to focus on being the best that they can be, especially when it comes to education, but also when it comes to what they are passionate about in life."



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