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Student Life at City, University of London

21 April 2022

A group of Year 10 students at Westminster City School had the privilege of attending a Psychology course at City, University of London. The course lasted for two full days and allowed students to have an insight into university life.

During the Psychology course, students were given a few short lectures about the career paths that they can take with a Psychology degree. They were also given the opportunity to ask current university students about their experiences, future plans and life at university, including finacial expenses.

Additionally, those in attendance received a tour of the campus and were engaged in all lectures as the lecturers allowed them to participate in tasks related to psychological research. On the final day, students were asked to complete a study as a group focusing on memory. Each group devised a plan to compile their results and pitched a conclusion from the tests they performed.

When asked why he decided to participate in the course at City, University London, Tyrone, who attended and enjoyed the three days said:

"I decided to partake in the course as I have an interest in Psychology and I am heavily considering taking it at A Levels. I personally think that studying the brain and learning about human behaviour is fascinating and something I would like to do in the future."

"I have gained an insight into what a Psychology degree would be like but I also learnt about life at university and essential points to look out for when making a decision."

The course has enabled students to gain more confidence in making the right decision when choosing a university destination and an undergraduate course, regardless of whether they decide to pursue a Psychology degree or a degree in another subject.

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