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Children's Mental Health Week at Westminster City School

10 February 2022

This week as part of Children's Mental Health Week, students engaged in a variety of activities at Westminster City School thus highlighting the importance of mental health and our overall well-being.

On Monday 07 February, Place2Be delivered a virtual assembly to students with the theme 'Growing Together'. Later in the week, students also did an active reading and discussion task on the importance of Children's Mental Health Week.

The School Counsellors at Westminster City School also created a 'Chill Out Room' as part of Children's Mental Health Week, a notable quiet space which has been designed for students, offering an alternative to individuals who found it challenging being in the playground during break or lunch. This room also offered the opportunity for students to relax with the smell of lavender essential oil and aromatheraphy blends whilst taking the time out to reflect on their day.

Additionally, students who are part of the 'Mindful Mondays Group'  have been working collaboratively to design and paint a murual in the therapy room which reflects the senses they have been studying and analysing. 

Mental Health Resources

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