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6 January 2022

Results are in for the Bebras Problem Solving Challenge, with 14 Westminster City School students placed in the top 10% nationally.

Last term, a number of our students took part in this annual competition, organised by Oxford University and the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The Bebras Problem Solving Challenge consists of a sequence of logic puzzles, called Bebras tasks, which are delivered online, with participants competing against the clock to correctly solve as many as they can in forty minutes.

Computer science teacher, Mr Myron, explains: “The Bebras tasks require much logical thinking and are based on problems often encountered by computer scientists. Our students worked really hard and really enjoyed taking part in the competition, and I’m delighted to see so many named in the national top 10%.”

Pictured, above, are some of our School’s winners with their certificates of distinction. In addition, the top problem-solver in each class was awarded a £10 voucher as a prize.

Congratulations to the following Westminster City School students on their Gold Award, meaning they were ranked in the top 10% of participants across the UK: Pelumi A (7K), Nima S (7K), Horacy K (7P), Tyler L (7W), Hussain Z (8P), Andi P (9K), Matteo M (9P), Ademola A (9P), Hezekias H (11S), Bobby B (11H), Daniel V (11W), Jamts DC (11D), Oliwier T (11P) and Daniel N (12D).

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