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22 June 2022

Adonell joined Westminster City School’s Sixth Form from Platanos College and is completing A Levels in Computer Science, History and Business. She lives in Lambeth.

“I applied to join Westminster City School’s Sixth Form because of the fantastic location, which is so close to big influential places in London, from the Houses of Parliament to Buckingham Palace and so much more. 

“I am enjoying all of my A Levels. For A Level Computer Science, I find the lessons are always very informative and I love analysing and problem-solving. With lessons for A Level Economics, I lenjoy the fact that we get to explore why the economy is the way it is and how the world, and each of us, influences the economy. Then, with A Level Business, I enjoy seeing businesses and firms from a different perspective, looking at them less as a consumer and more as a business owner.

“Beyond the classroom, I take part in our Computer Science Club, which helps to boost coding skills in a fun and engaging way, and in our Sixth Form’s Pathway to Law programme, which offers opportunities to find out about future study and careers in law. I also belong to our Sixth Form’s Feminism Club, where we educate ourselves on the issues that woman and girls face in their day-to-day lives.

“I would tell a prospective student not to feel shy about applying to join Westminster City School’s Sixth Form. As well as support with your academic studies, there is amazing pastoral care that ensures there is always someone for you to speak to.”

Our current Year 12 joined Westminster City School’s Sixth Form following an unprecedented time in modern history. We have been so inspired by the attitude and behaviour of our young people and, over the last months, will feature many talking about their amazing experience in our Sixth Form.

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