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Heading to Highgate

6 December 2021

Our Outdoor Club have resumed their trek around London’s Capital Ring, walking from Hendon to Highgate last weekend.

Meeting for their third walk this term, our Outdoor Club’s route took students through north west London, with early morning rain clearing to ensure blue skies and bright winter sunshine throughout the day.

The early part of last Saturday’s walk saw our Outdoor Club follow the River Brent and one of its tributaries, Mutton Brook. For most of the morning, our hikers found themselves close to the North Circular road, which certainly earned its title of Britain’s noisiest road. However, once everyone reached Lyttleton Fields, it was quiet enough to stop for lunch.

Our students were accompanied by Ms Affram and Mr Myron, who said: “Shortly after lunch we came to East Finchley station, pausing to learn about the architecture and how the statue of an archer, atop the station, harks back to Finchley’s association with the Royal Forest of Enfield, part of the Ancient Forest of Middlesex, which used to cover this London suburb. We went on to explore some remnants of the forest as we passed through Cherry Tree Wood, noticing how fallen trees were being allowed to decay naturally. We also met some rather insistent squirrels, who were clearly expecting to be fed!

“Our Outdoor Club discovered that Highgate Wood is much larger than Cherry Tree, with undulating terrain that is perfect for exploring. It was also very peaceful, compared to the earlier noise of the road. Most students had a go on a rope swing we found at the top of a small rise, meaning there was much mud in evidence on hands and trousers as we exited the wood! After passing through Queen’s Wood, our tired but happy Outdoor Club members were pleased to see the sign for Highgate Tube Station.” 

London’s Capital Ring is a walking route that completely encircles inner and central London. For more information about our Outdoor Club, and to join future hikes, please email Mr Myron or visit him in W205.

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