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Mathematical marvels

30 November 2021

One Westminster City School student has joined the elite group of Hegarty Maths completers, just like his older brother when he was in Year 8.

Current Year 8 student, Adriano, took a hugely impressive 121 hours to complete all 925 tasks. He said: “I started my Hegarty Maths work while I was still in Year 7, logging into my computer each day to complete the tasks. Maths is my favourite subject, I find it easy to undertake calculations and I believe a good understanding of mathematics is important in life.”

Adriano (pictured, above) added that his family are very proud of his achievement, which comes after his older brother, Matteo, completed all 925 tasks on the popular mathematics website in December 2020. Like Adriano, Matteo was also halfway through Year 8 at Westminster City School at that time.

Also joining Adriano and Matteo as Hegarty Maths completers at Westminster City School is current Year 9 student, Kavitharen. He completed all 925 tasks just before the summer holidays.

Ms Powell, Subject Leader Maths, said: “This is a fantastic achievement and we’re so proud of the hard work and commitment shown by Adriano, Kavitharen and Matteo.”

An educational subscription tool that covers a variety of topics, Hegarty Maths contains over 900 tasks for young people in the UK to complete. Each task includes an educational video to explains the topic, followed by a quiz of topic-specific questions. While over 1.5million young people use Hegarty Maths, only a handful eventually complete the whole website, making it even more impressive that three of those are current Westminster City School students.

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