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Teams tackle new challenges

9 November 2021

Rugby at Westminster City School is going from strength to strength, with last week’s games showing that the sky is the limit for our players.

Our School had two rugby fixtures last week, with our Year 10 team travelling to the StoneX stadium, home of Saracens, to compete in their development competition and our Year 9 team heading to Queensmead School, in Ruislip, to compete in a round of 16 for the Middlesex Plate.

Mr Leckey, from our PE Department, explains: “Year 10 have competed in a number of fixtures at the StoneX stadium this season and, while we have enjoyed some great successes and sizeable victories, we always seem to come second to competition rivals Wren Academy, due to their impressive experience and organisation. This time, we arrived at StoneX stadium to good and bad news. The good news was our players would have their match refereed by Tim Swinson, a Scotland international and Saracens rugby union star. The bad news was our squad would play our first game against Wren Academy. 

“Our Year 10 team missed the opportunity to enjoy a tune up game before taking on our rivals and this showed, as we conceded an early try in the first five minutes. It would now be a hefty task to come away from the match with a result. However, after some resilient defending from Regan and Kieron, paired with barnstorming carries from Leshai and Raheem, our squad were in a position to strike. Duncan seemed to step around every member of the defence, and take another lap just to ensure he gave everyone a chance to miss a tackle, before evening up the contest with his own try!”

In the end, our Year 10 team’s match finished with two tries each. Mr Leckey added: “This was a contest that showed the physicality and skill worthy of a Six Nations international. For our Westminster City School team to rally together, after such a negative start, showed a lot of character and integrity.”

Following the match, referee Tim Swinson talked to our Year 10 team: ‘I have to say I’m so impressed, you have big, strong, angry runners and are so physical in the contact area. Once you get the knowledge and organisation more experienced teams have, you’ll be tough to beat!

Congratulation to our Year 10 man of the match, Raheem, and to Duncan, who scored twice.

In addition, our Year 9 team are proving to be the standard setters for Westminster City School rugby at this point of the season, having won every game they’ve competed in and managing to keep a clean sheet of scores. However, last week’s contest in Ruislip would provide a new challenge as it was their first knockout cup game, meaning their time in the competition would be over if they were unable to take a win. 

Mr Leckey reported: “This would be the biggest stage, so far, that our Year 9 team had experienced on a rugby pitch. Nerves were clear on the faces of our team, as well as their excitement and motivation to go out and perform. Luckily the latter proved the more powerful emotions as, from the first whistle, our squad played like they were shot out of a cannon! They worked magnificently as a team, sharing the workload to get over the line and score six tries against Queensmead School, meaning they move on to the quarter finals.”

Congratulations to our Year 9 team on their 36-7 win and well done to man of the match, Presley. Try scorers were Amari, Presley (2), Michael, Philippe and David, with conversions by Presley (2) and Sid.

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