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Mauling the opposition

28 September 2021

Our Year 9 rugby squad kicked off their first fixture of the year, with five victories in five games during a one-day rugby competition.

Last week, our squad of 19 students, many of whom had never played in a rugby match before, travelled to Ruislip for the Hillingdon Rugby Festival. This competition, aimed at preparing players for full competitive matches in the future, involved six teams competing in a round robin, with teams seeded after the first three rounds. 

Following three dominant performances, leading to three wins out of three, our School’s squad was seeded number one. This meant our team had to finish off the day by competing against the other top seeded teams.

Mr Leckey, who accompanied our squad, said: “In their fourth game of the day, our players paired strong running on the ball with some impressive tactical play that would have caught Eddie Jones’ eye and that lead to a 15-0 win. 

“The last game of the day was a testing finale, as our squad had to show that they could defend as well as they could attack, pushing back carry after carry with impressive tackling from David, Harlem and Hasani. With no time left on the clock, and the score at 0-0, only a miracle was needed to write the perfect end to the day. The opposition then kicked the ball towards Montana, who expertly fielded it and proceeded to skip around multiple defenders before eventually finding a spot in the corner to score and seal Westminster City School’s fifth win out of five games.”

Mr Leckey, who was hugely impressed with the entire squad, added: “Our players should be commended for the excellence and integrity they showed, as well as for the camaraderie that was evident to all those players and coaches that were observing. I am sure this is the start of what will be an excellent season for Westminster City School rugby.”

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