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20 September 2021

Westminster City School’s library is open again as usual, with a plethora of new books and many more on their way, including a large selection of fiction for sixth formers.

Our School’s library remains a popular part of life at Palace Street, holding over 10,000 books and with around 200 books are borrowed each week. It is open every day from 8.30am to 4.15pm (4pm on Fridays), with students welcome to read and study during any free time in the day.

Our LRC Manager, Mr Chapman, said: “Borrowers may take one or two books for up to two weeks, and can renew to keep them longer. We appreciate any overdue books being returned as we have many avid readers who may be waiting for them.

“Many thanks to all the students who signed up to become Library Assistants and will be starting their first shifts this week. The role was over-subscribed, so those on the waiting list will join the team later in the year.”

As well as providing a quiet place to study during the day, our library also hosts Homework Club runs every day from 3pm, and Chess Club on Mondays at 3pm.

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