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Call to social action

19 July 2021

£1,000 is set to be donated to local charity, XLP, thanks to the hard work and creativity of our Year 7 pupils.

For the past few months, Year 7 have been working on a social action project during their PSHCE lessons. With support from First Give, an organisation that empowers young people to engage with their local community and take action, our young people have been busy researching and supporting a charity of their form group's choice. This work has involved creating videos, raps, and posters to raise awareness, as well as writing to their local MPs to request vital changes. 

This social action project concluded last week when, in a bid to win £1,000 for their chosen charity, a team from each form group presented their charity to a panel of judges in our Main Hall. 

Each team spoke eloquently and passionately, answering tough questions about their chosen charity from our judges, who included our Headteacher, Mr Broughton, our Associate Assistant Headteacher, Miss Davies and our Science Lead Practitioner, Ms O’Rouke.

Our winning form group, 7S, will now see £1,000 donated to their chosen charity of XLP. As the 7S team explained, XLP works to create positive futures for young people growing up on inner-city estates in London, who may be struggling with issues such as family breakdown, unemployment and educational failure, and living in areas that experience high levels of anti-social behaviour and gang violence. 

The 7S team of Ebenezer, Andy, Ja-Marri, Oliver and Erron all described the experience of presenting XLP to the judges as amazing. They were particularly pleased that Tim Sledge, XLP’s Director of Fundraising, was in the audience to see their winning presentation. Mr Sledge gifted them with some fantastic XLP t-shirts which they proudly wore during their presentation.

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