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Risk and resilience

13 July 2021

Young people at Westminster City School have been learning how to manage risk and develop resilience during our School’s PSHCE Day.

As part of our Personal Social Health Citizenship Education (PSHCE) curriculum, Years 7 to 10 and Year 12 undertook a day of age-appropriate lessons and workshops covering subjects ranging from online safety and first aid to mental wellbeing and gender bullying. These topics were chosen for our PSHCE Day based on national guidance and with the knowledge that many young people may be impacted by these issues.

For Year 7, sessions like bike-ability (pictured, above) encouraged our youngest pupils to think about the benefits and risks of cycling to school, as well as plan how they would cycle to school themselves and how they could ensure they did safely. 

For our older year groups, sessions looked at topics including depression, suicide and knife crime. In Year 10, for example, a workshop on recognising mental ill-health and when to get help saw our young people examining mental ill-health warning signs and learning more about the range of support available. 

Ms Tilsley, from our Religious Studies Department, explains: “At Westminster City School, our PSHCE education equips our young people to live healthy, safe, productive and balanced lives. It encourages their personal development and supports them in making positive learning and career choices. 

“Our PSHE Day aimed to help build the confidence, resilience and self-esteem of our young people, supporting them in identifying and managing risk, making informed choices and understanding what influences their decisions.”

While Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 undertook sessions with their usual subject teachers, Year 12 followed a bespoke timetable to reflect the age-appropriate content under discussion.

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