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A day in the life

15 July 2021

What is it like being a Deputy Headteacher at Westminster City School? Year 9 pupil, Joel, has been finding out. Read on to see what Joel learnt.

One break time, I sat down with Ms Lockyer on a playground bench. Surrounded by noise and distraction, I asked a number of questions about her daily routines and her life before Westminster City School. And soon Ms Lockyer’s fascinating answers overpowered the hustle and bustle of break time around us.

Ms Lockyer grew up in Newport, a city in southern Wales. At university, she studied education and specialised in maths and science. Before Westminster City School, she worked at Holland Park School and at Greycoat Hospital. Ms Lockyer joined Westminster City School in 2011 and the rest is history.

Joel: How do you start your day when you enter school?
Ms Lockyer: I start my day with a cup of coffee and a pastry. I make my lesson plans for the day and check my emails as well.

Joel: Why did you want to work at Westminster City School?
Ms Lockyer: I wanted a change because, before Westminster City School, I worked at an all-girls school. Also, when I was asked to come and teach once, I felt something special about the character of the students. 

Joel: What is your best memory of working at Westminster City School?
Ms Lockyer: Taking the Year 10 cohort to Box Hill because the students had not grown up in the countryside before and it was good to see them have to learn to adapt in a new environment.

Joel: What have you been most proud of since joining Westminster City School?
Ms Lockyer: The way our School community has responded to all the changes due to COVID. It has given us (the staff) the opportunity to re-evaluate our professional and personal lives, and brought us closer.

Joel: What is something about yourself that no-one else knows?
Ms Lockyer: When I was younger, I played rugby in a rugby team, and I actually have coaching qualifications for it. I am also of Irish heritage and, when I was younger, I did Irish dancing and won awards for it.

Ms Lockyer is pictured, above, giving out awards at our Celebration of Achievement Evening last Friday.

Thanks to Joel and Ms Lockyer for this interview. Joel will be conducting more interviews with members of our School’s Leadership group in the next academic year.

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