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Big data day

9 July 2021

Ever wondered how Netflix offers you personalised recommendations from thousands of programmes in its database? Or how your supermarket knows what stock to hold? It’s all thanks to big data and our Year 12 computer scientists have been finding out more.

Our A Level Computer Science students took a day out of classes to join the University of Southampton’s virtual conference on big data. Led by this Russell Group university, the conference allowed them to hear from Professor Les Carr, a big data expert, as well as take part in activities in breakout rooms where they got to work with and manipulate datasets. 

Our sixth formers were also able join an industry panel and ask industry leaders about how organisations use big data to help with decision-making, as well as hear from undergraduates currently learning more about big data at university.

Big data refers to a collection of data that is so huge and complex that none of the traditional data management tools are able to store or process it efficiently. However, what is perhaps more important is how big data is used. Companies and organisations can analyse big data and use this to identify new opportunities, make smarter business moves and operate more efficiently. 

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