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Inspiring Musical Futures concert

7 October 2019

A fantastic concert featuring Westminster City School pupils and players from London's most prestigious orchestras is raising funds for future music stars.

Westminster City School’s Inspiring Musical Futures concert, at 6.30pm on 27 November at St Peter’s Church, Eaton Square, will see pupils perform classical and modern pieces alongside professional musicians. All funds raised will support Inspiring Musical Futures, Westminster City School’s innovative programme that aims to ensure every Year 7 pupil has access to a free instrument lesson a week.

Ms Sarah Mole, Assistant Headteacher, explains: “This concert lets our talented pupils demonstrate their musical prowess and further develop their performance skills, whilst providing a great evening of entertainment for our audience.”

Mr Peter Broughton, Headteacher, added: “We are immensely proud of our inspirational Music Department, which encourages pupils both within and outside the classroom to enjoy and perform music. Our concert is just one of a number of performance opportunities throughout the year and, by fundraising for Music Futures, we will further expand our dynamic and rewarding music provision.”

Westminster City School has a strong music culture, which includes opportunities for pupils to enjoy regular performances and connections with  English National Opera, the Royal College of Music, VOCES8 Foundation and more. Our Inspiring Musical Futures concert will allow people to see many of our brilliant pupils in action, while supporting a very worthy cause.

Tickets - £5 for adults, £2 for children – can be purchased in advance by current parents/carers through ParentPay or purchased on 27 November, at St Peter’s Church, Eaton Square, before our 6.30pm concert.

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